TEKU MINI Clear Nursery Pot - 5.5cm x 5.5cm

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TEKU is what I call the Kim Kardashian of the nursery pot world. Famous for their bottom. Their base design is impressive for a piece of plastic (that's not to say Kim's bum is plastic, just that's they're both famous for their bottoms).

Although in mini form, this TEKU pot still shares a mini version of the famous TEKU drainage system. It has both side and bottom drainage for better aeration of roots, with drainage holes at two levels to help shift that perched water table and increase drainage. This is extra important in smaller pots in particular when used with finer substrate due to having less air space between substrate particles. Better drainage increases root health and growth, while reducing the risk of root rot.

The drainage holes are smaller than usual, superb for use with finer substrates so you don't lose it all through the drainage holes every time you water, but to make up for it TEKU's added far more holes than a typical mini pot, with 12 drainage holes all up. Nice job TEKU. These guys definitely know what growers want in a pot.

What plants are clear pots best for?

First-off, all plants, because clear pots can just be put in cover pots. They don't have to be used by themselves. However clear pots are best used by themselves, without a cover pot, for epiphytic plants and climbers so roots get maximum light.

When propagating, roots grow better when in clear containers vs black containers or darker conditions, making clear pots great for propagation. They also allow keeping a close eye on root development and substrate moisture level. With a cover pot, you can use clear pots for all your plants. Clear pots are great for leca too by the way. No more guessing where that water level's up to.

Size check 

TEKU 6 MINI clear pots measure 5.5cm wide across the top, just over 4cm wide across the base, and are just under 5.5cms tall. Being about as wide as they are tall gives this size better stability than a lot of mini pots. I love this size for propagation of just about every indoor plant, baby plants, seedlings and succulents.  

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