Eden Orchards Cherry Juice

30 years ago, Gary Bignell graduated with a Diploma in Horticulture—specializing in growing cherries. Since then he and his wife, Steph, have dedicated their lives to growing and selling the freshest cherries direct to customers all over New Zealand.

Their kids, Cameron, Renee, and Jacob quickly discovered that they enjoyed being cherry growers and sellers themselves. Soon, everyone in the family formed part of the team. It was in 2011 when they built Eden Orchards itself in the beautiful Waihopai Valley.

Eden Orchards, a New Zealand-based company, specializes in producing 100% pure cherry juice, along with a range of other fruit juices including blueberry, cherry & blueberry, cherry & plum, and cherry & raspberry juices. These products are celebrated not just for their taste but also for their health benefits, making them a popular choice for consumers looking to enhance their wellbeing through natural means.

Key Benefits of Eden Orchards' Cherry and Blueberry Juices:

Product Range and Availability:

Eden Orchards offers a variety of pure fruit juices, including:

For those interested in purchasing these products in New Zealand, Eden Orchards' juices are readily available for online order, offering a convenient way to enjoy these healthful beverages. This focus on pure, additive-free juice, combined with the benefits outlined above, positions Eden Orchards' products as an excellent choice for consumers in New Zealand looking to enhance their diet with nutritious and delicious options.

Our 100% pure cherry juice is a delightfully refreshing drink—with no sugar or preservatives added. Just a daily serving of between 50-100mL can have many amazing benefits.

In fact, it was our family who experienced first-hand the great effect our cherries had on our sleeping patterns. At the start of each season, when cherries would be incorporated into our diets, we would enjoy amazing sleep.

This led us to look deeper into what well-made 100% Pure Cherry Juice could do. By 2017, we finally had a product that we could be proud of:

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