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Ma Cherie  | Every man and his dog will think they are in paradise "From the owner of Gift Tree NZ: 'No one has ever regretted buying quality.'"

We are the exclusive distributor of the genuine Ma Cherie

Enhanced Essence has been going viral and our results explain why…
Not only does it have a alluring scent, but this enhanced essence perfume can also add a certain spice✨ to your love life.

Why Choose "Ma Cherie"?

Heavenly Touch: A luxurious blend of yuzu and juicy pomegranate, complemented by delicate notes of peony and lotus.

Scientifically Designed: More than just a perfume – our formula is scientifically crafted to enhance attraction and mood.

Increased Spark: Elevate your presence with a scent that enhances your mood, making you feel and look irresistible.

Are you expecting a Brown Paper Parcel?

Benefits of Ma Cherie Perfume:Sensory Elegance: Ma Cherie is a symphony of fragrances, blending notes of yuzu, pomegranate, peony, and lotus into a singular, sophisticated aroma.

Mood Enhancement: Its carefully crafted scent profile is designed to uplift and enhance your mood, making every moment memorable.

Ease of Application: The perfume's design ensures that applying it is both intuitive and a part of your luxurious daily ritual.

Artistry in Every Bottle: Each bottle of Ma Cherie is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, combining elegance with a touch of modern charm.

Lasting Impression: Its long-lasting fragrance ensures that you carry an aura of allure throughout your day.

Allure and Seduction: The perfume is enriched with pheromone-inspired elements, scientifically proven to increase attraction.

Personalized Aroma: Ma Cherie offers a unique scent that adapts subtly to your personal skin chemistry, creating a truly individualized fragrance.

Commitment to Quality: Crafted with premium ingredients, Ma Cherie represents the pinnacle of perfume artistry and enduring excellence.

Supporting Local Excellence: By choosing Ma Cherie, you are not only elevating your scent experience but also supporting a business that values local communities in New Zealand and Australia.

More Benefits of  Ma Cherie ❤️

‎Heavenly Touch
💅- Crafted from yuzu with juicy pomegranate, has scents of peony, lotus, and many more! Scientifically Designed 
🧪- Unlike other perfumes on the market. We’ve specially crafted our perfume to give you what you need and more!

Increased Spark
✨- look good, smell good, and feel good original scent enhances your mood with its refreshing scent and leaves you feeling and looking your best.


Enhanced Essence Original Scent features an enchanting fragrance enriched with powerful natural components that naturally boost attraction.

How to attract wealthy men, maintain a happy marriage with your husband, or boost your self-confidence in social interactions.


Made from Yuzu and ripe pomegranate, with peony and lotus at the core, you'll have people wondering how you smell so good.SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN PHEROMONE-INSPIRED PERFUMES WORK
Australians and New Zealanders, you're such beautiful people. If your day isn't going well, we're here to make it better.

Gifting Potential of Ma Cherie Perfume for Valentine's Day:

  • Valentine’s Charm: Embrace Ma Cherie this Valentine's Day not only as a gift to yourself but also as an enchanting present for your partner. Its alluring fragrance adds a touch of romance and elegance to your presence, making it a shared pleasure.
  • Self-Love Meets Romance: Choosing Ma Cherie for yourself is a gesture of self-love that doubles as a captivating gift for your man. The perfume's enticing aroma is designed to mesmerize, enhancing your allure and adding an intimate dimension to your Valentine’s celebration.
  • Scent of Affection: Gifting Macherie is a testament to thoughtfulness and affection. Its luxurious blend of scents signifies a deep understanding of the nuances of attraction, making it a perfect Valentine's token for both of you.
  • Shared Sensory Experience: With Ma Cherie, the gift is not just in the fragrance but in the shared experience it creates. Its scent lingers and captivates, ensuring that the essence of your special day stays with both of you, long after Valentine’s Day has passed.
  • A Symbol of Intimacy: More than a perfume, Ma Cherie becomes a symbol of the intimate bond between you and your partner. Each note in its fragrance profile resonates with the essence of love and companionship, making it a unique and personal gift.

Meet Peter, is a cat lover who cares for 13 abandoned cats in his house. Many people say he looks like Michael Caine.

Recently, someone questioned Peter, expressing surprise at his need to continue working at his age. To this, Peter responded with conviction, "I do this because of my cats." Otherwise, I would have to start a  GIVE A LITTLE PAGE.You can shop with confidence, knowing that you're in safe hands with a local business that cares.What Kiwis and Aussies say about us and other products acquired through us truly reflects their satisfactionIf Mr. Troy says it, certainly it is trueThank you so much, sweetheart! Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year too! 🎄If you were considering an investment in the Original Macherie Perfume, what would be your driving force: the enchanting allure, the mood-enhancing aroma, or the sophisticated charm?

Considering the Original Ma Cherie Perfume's exquisite blend of fragrances, sophisticated craftsmanship, and its captivating scent profile, would you view it as a prime investment for your personal collection, a special Valentine's Day gift, or a thoughtful birthday?



"Ma Cherie " is made up of a mix of yuzu and juicy pomegranate, along with scents that remind you of peony, lotus, and more.

Our fragrances are crafted to awaken your senses, starting with lovely scents like Jasmine and Pomegranate. We also add carefully blended pheromones to boost your self-confidence, playfulness, and attraction.

The rollerball design is small and convenient, making it easy to carry with you for a quick refresh. Plus, it lasts longer because it uses natural Jojoba oil instead of alcohol.

This scent is designed to enhance your unique body chemistry and essence, making it perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does delivery of my item take?

New Zealand Shipping  1-14 Days

Australia Shipping 7-15 Days

Worldwide Shipping 7 to 20 Days

Is this company in New Zealand?

GiftTree NZ, established in Auckland in 2020, began as a baby-focused retailer. In 2023, under new NZ-Australian ownership, the company expanded to the Australian market, diversifying into unique gifts beyond baby items.
Gift Tree NZ 

Location: 17A Field Terrace Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand

Business Type:  E-Commerce Online Retailing

Customer Reviews:

  1. M.S.I. - "I had the most beautiful experience with Gift Tree. When I was about to have my first baby, we were in a lockdown so online shopping was essential. Despite ordering from multiple local stores, Gift Tree's products arrived within days. The personal touch, a hand-written card with the parcel, and instant response in terms of sizing and exchanges, were outstanding. High-quality clothing, and I love these guys!"
  2. K.H. - "I love the custom gift boxes from Gift Tree. I created one for a friend and even received an email confirmation with a photo of the finished gift box. The personalized, hand-written message was the cherry on top. Will definitely be a returning customer."
  3. S.M. - "A gift intended for an out-of-Auckland recipient was supposedly delivered by the courier but never received. Gift Tree not only replaced the gift but also personally delivered it. Exceptional service and product. Highly recommended!"
  4. L.D. - "Fantastic service from Gift Tree. I ordered a sheepskin for my baby's pram bed and was thrilled when it arrived promptly with a hand-written note from Sarsha."
  5. A.I. - "Purchased a play gym, teether, and Zebra Rings for my 3-month-old from Gift Tree. The fast delivery and quality of the products left me very impressed."

... and many more glowing reviews highlighting the excellent customer service, quality of products, and personal touches that make shopping with Gift Tree NZ a remarkable experience.

External Links for Additional Reviews:

Summary: Gift Tree NZ is highly recommended by its customers for its exceptional service, quality products, and personal touches that add to the overall shopping experience. Whether it's the speed of delivery, the hand-written notes, or the genuine care shown by the business owners.

Gift Tree NZ: Christchurch's Shopping Gem

Located in Christchurch, Gift Tree NZ is renowned across New Zealand and Australia for its top-tier products and stellar service. Their offerings range from unique baby gifts and stylish decor to contemporary fashion, catering to all budgets. Gift Tree NZ  truly is a one-stop destination. Beyond mere shopping, Gift Tree NZ emphasizes personal connections, ensuring each product tells a story and every purchase feels special. For a premier shopping experience, choose Gift Tree NZ, no matter where you're located.

Our mission is all about making people feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. We're passionate about helping everyone embrace their inner charm. We do this by creating fragrances that are carefully designed to boost your self-assurance.

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