9 Reasons Why This Donut Tunnel Bed Is On Every Cat Parent's 2024 Wishlist 🎉

By Megan Thompson
Last Updated November 18, 2023

1. Your Cat's Dream Hideaway

The Peekaboo Cat Cave offers a snug, calming sanctuary for your cat, easing anxiety and stress for better sleep and relaxation. Ideal for skittish felines, it brings peace of mind to you as a cat parent.

2. Temperature Regulation

Peekaboo Cat Caves maintain an ideal temperature inside, providing a warm and snug space during colder months and a cooler retreat during hot weather. Your cat will always be comfortable, no matter the season.

3. Fun for You & Your Cats

Boredom can wreak havoc on your cat's health. The Peekaboo Cat Cave, spacious enough for two cats, is the ideal playmate for felines of all ages. It boosts your cat's physical health and entertains you too!

4. Happier Cats, Tidier Home

Forget single-cat caves and bulky tunnels! The Peekaboo Cat Cave fits multiple cats for snuggling, playing, and napping together. Save space and keep your home clutter-free, while making your kitties happier and stress-free.

5. Claws Off Your Furniture

Cat loves damaging your couch? The Peekaboo Cat Cave offers your cat an enticing and durable scratching surface to sharpen their claws without harming your furniture. Long-lasting and easy to clean, it's a smart investment for your cat's happiness and your furniture's safety.

6. Versatile Donut Design

The Peekaboo Cat Cave's unique donut shape offers a hidey-hole bed in the center and a spacious, cozy tunnel surrounding it, providing your cat with multiple options for lounging, playing, and sleeping.

7. Eco-Friendly Materials

Our cat caves are made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials, ensuring that your feline friend's cozy space is also safe and sustainable.

8. Colorful Choices

With four attractive colors to choose from – Shadow Gray, Charcoal Dark Gray, Cotton Candy Pink, and Whispering Sky Blue – you can find the perfect hue to match your home decor or your cat's personality.

9. Try It 100% Risk Free!

Unlike most pet brands, Cattasaurus offers hassle-free returns on our caves if you aren't completely satisfied. We're confident our cat caves are the most versatile, fun, and cozy ever made. If your cats aren't thrilled, get a full refund, no questions asked!

Cat Parents!

So much fun for even older cats!

My 3 cats LOVE this donut-shaped cat cave! They love to be in it and on it. To make it even more entertaining, I kept the plastic straps from the packing supplies and placed them inside the cave. They love to play with them. One of my cats had so much fun lying on his back and scooting 'round-n-round inside the cave. It's equally entertaining for cats and people.

Mary A.

Own a cat, get a Peekaboo

Delivery was in an acceptable time. It arrived in good condition and was easy to set up. Both our cats absolutely love it, they are constantly playing in it, sleeping in it, fighting in it and having a great time. Surprisingly, the resistance to cat clawing is magnificent! Very impressed.


Highly Recommend!

I have 8 cats of various ages and ALL of them love playing and sleeping in and on this cat cave. It's so much fun to watch them running in and out of it, and playing all over it. It's very entertaining for all of us and I would highly recommend it to any cat owner!

Angela P.

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