Why Choose Woolbabe for sleepwear?

The temperature in New Zealand is dropping, so it is a good time to think about what your little ones are wearing at night.

Deciding how to dress a baby for bed can be stressful with most nightwear and bedding! You don’t want to overheat your baby as this can be a SUDI risk, but equally, you don’t want them waking up cold in the early hours of the morning!

However, you can relax when you choose Woolbabe, as their 100% natural fibre and unique composition makes decision about what to wear to bed easier. As the cotton/merino blend is 100% natural, its breathable and moisture wicking. These characteristics are essential for keeping your baby comfortable even with temperature fluctuations through the night, and ensure your baby won’t become clammy if the bag gets wet from sweat or a nappy leak. This also makes the bags ideal even during for autumn and spring when temperatures can fluctuate a lot.

Woolbabe sleeping bags and sleeping suits come with an easy to follow clothing guide and room thermometer. These are just guides, helping parents use their own judgement, read their baby and have confidence in their parenting.


Woolbabe Sleeping bags

This cosy combo of the 3-Seasons Sleeping Bag and a PJ Suit is good for rooms approximately 20-22 degrees. The beauty of using a sleeping bag is you can add or remove layers depending on the temperature of your little ones room. If it is a bit cooler at your house overnight, more around 18-20 degrees, pop on a long sleeve bodysuits under the PJ Suit.

There is also the option of a Duvet Sleeping Bag which is ideal for bedrooms under 20 degrees. They can be used in rooms 14 to 22 degrees (by varying the clothing inside the bag. The Duvet Woolbabe has the heavier feel of a quilt or layers of wool blankets, with the peace of mind that comes with your baby sleeping in a sleeping bag, ensuring they are safe while sleeping.  

Sleeping Bag benefits: 


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