What else can you use breastmilk for?

We all know how amazing breastmilk is and that it has great benefits for mum and baby when breastfeeding, but did you know that breast milk can also be used for other reasons?

Colostrum and breast milk is called liquid gold for a reason. It can be used to treat blocked tear ducts, cracked nipples, rashes and is pain relief for your baby. 

If you have spare breast milk in your fridge or freezer, don’t throw it away (unless it’s off). Here are some of the many ways you can use your breastmilk! Often Mamas who munch on Franjos lactation biscuits have excess breastmilk too.

Eczema and baby acne

Eczema can be common amongst newborns, as babies have sensitive skin that can dry easily, which can cause eczema to develop. 

Baby acne or little white pustules on babies face or body can be normal in the early stages of life due to their body still containing some of your hormones.

Nappy rash

It is sometimes common for babies skin to get red and irritated on their bottom due to wearing a nappy. There are lots of different barrier creams that you can put on babies bottom as prevention for nappy rash, but some babies still get a red bottom. There have been some studies that suggest breast milk can be more effective than prescription creams for nappy rash.

Sore or cracked nipples 

Breastmilk can also benefit you, Mama! It can be very common for breastfeeding to leave you with sore, cracked and even bleeding nipples, especially if it is your first time breastfeeding. If you think there is an infection on your nipples causing the pain and soreness then please consult your health care professional before rubbing breast milk onto them.

Clogged tear duct

It can be common for bub to have crusty, teary eyes in the first few months of life. This is typically caused by blocked tear ducts. Symptoms include excessive tearing, crusting, blurred vision, and pus discharge from the eyes. If the discharge is yellow/green in colour, consult a health care professional. It is recommended to regularly clean the eye using a cloth or cotton pad (a separate one for each eye), with warm water. Some doctors will recommend gently massaging the tear ducts to help open the nasal passages that are clogged, but breast milk can also work just as well. Always check in with your healthcare provider if you have concerns. 

Cuts, insect bites & sunburn

Thanks to breastmilk’s soothing and antibacterial properties it can help treat many cuts, scratches or insect bites that your baby may get. Breast milk also contains anti-inflammatory chemicals that help regulate the body’s immune response.

Nasal congestion 

Normally when babies have a stuffy or congested nose parents drop some saline solution into their nose to loosen up the congestion. Although Mama, your breastmilk is high in anti-inflammatory properties, so it is the perfect liquid to substitute saline for. Unlike salty saline, baby will recognise the taste of breast milk, so they won’t be as shocked when they swallow some of it in the process. 

Pain relief

You are your baby’s comfort, calm and home. When they are tired, upset or have hurt themselves, they are going to want you, their Mama. Cuddles and breastfeeding is going to be your number one way to help relieve your baby’s pain.

Extra tips:

Always check in with your healthcare provider before attempting any of the above tips.

With credit to Franjos Kitchen for the suggestions.