The Next 10 Weeks

Gender Reveal
At 20 weeks +3 days, we had our gender reveal with our immediate family. We had our scan the Monday prior and I held onto the two separate envelopes till this big day. We had the two older children here, and together we held the big black balloon and popped it…. OMG Blue confetti went everywhere!! It was so overwhelming.! Knowing the gender just made this whole experience even more real! It took a little while to soak in... as I personally thought it was a girl, solely because I had multiple dreams of having a baby girl, even one on the night before this gender reveal! However, we are all very excited to welcome our baby boy in the New Year. 


Baby Movements
It is pretty exciting, and I feel it’s rather surreal to feel your baby moving! The first time I really clearly felt baby move was on the morning of our Gender Reveal! Then, I felt him mostly in the late afternoon and evenings. I find when I am really busy moving around for a long period and sit down, and rest, after about 15 minutes I then feel lots of moving – felt like he is doing summersaults! From about 27 weeks, when I am just beginning to wake up and roll over, I feel him moving heaps. Pretty neat when my partner puts his head or hand up to my tummy first thing in the morning and he also feels the movements and kicking. One evening after having eye fillet steak for dinner, I laid down on the sofa. Within 15 minutes, our boy was moving heaps!! I told the children and they were super keen to have turns to feel him move. It was super special for them to feel their baby brother move, as building this connection early on we believe is very important.


Maternity Clothing
I have found some beautiful clothing, including dresses which make it super easy to just slip on when it’s a hot day, or going out. I have dresses from Addidson Clothing and Mrs Smith, and fortunately been able to find some really good deals on TradeMe – even brand new! The good thing about these dresses is that they have zips for breastfeeding, and are super stretchy, so I should be able to get good use of them. I also have two long dresses that aren’t maternity, but they are super stretchy that I got last year from Farmers. For every day and exercise, I enjoy wearing the Cadenshae tights as they are super comfortable, they stay up, and they support the growing bump. I’ve been able to get many other items like jeans and shorts from TradeMe for good prices.


Antenatal Classes
I was pretty excited about going to Antenatal classes, and had done some research prior to booking them in. Before we knew it, we were heading to our first class local in Botany at Auckland East Parenting Centre. The two ladies – Tania and Kim are super friendly and very informative. The evening classes were over 7 weeks of 2 ½ hour sessions. We thoroughly enjoyed every session as they were engaging, full of non-bias information, and delicious nibbles were provided for supper. We have made many fabulous friendships and look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.


Glucose Tolerance 2-hour test
At around 26 weeks I did my Glucose Tolerance Test. There are two tests – a 1-hour or 2-hour test. I was advised to do the 2-hour, and personally preferred too as I had heard the 1 hour is not as accurate and many have ended up having to do the 2-hour too.

Booked the test in and fast for 10-12 hours prior. I tried to sleep in as late as possible, so I would just get up and go, and not have much time to think about breakfast.  Started off with a urine sample, then blood test, followed with a very quick 5 minutes to drink the Glucose 350ml drink. I have heard mixed opinions about this drink, but to me, it definitely tasted like warm lemonade. I haven’t drunken that much ‘sprite’ quickly for a long time, so definitely had some indigestion. 

Then to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours… I thought if I sit by the front door at least I get fresh air every time the door opens..!

After about 45-minutes, I was starting to feel very lethargic! I was struggling to do any work on the laptop and the seat was getting very uncomfortable! Fortunately,
a friend unexpectedly turned up too do a blood test too, so having a chat helped. The timing couldn’t have been better, ha. 

As my friend left, it sparked a conversation with another mum with a very gorgeous 5 month old girl. We spoke for quite some time which made the time really fly by! Before I knew it, my name was called, and I could quickly pack up all my things and head to the room again for one final blood test! Yay it was over. Fortunately, I had planned to meet a friend for brunch straight after. A coconut Mocka with bacon & eggs, most definitely hit the spot!

I was hoping I would not hear from my midwife early the following week, cause no news is good news, right..? First thing Monday morning I get a call to get told my iron levels are 33, but my haemoglobin levels are very low and if we don’t introduce a high dose of Iron now, then I could end up with anaemia and require an iron blood transfusion. 325mg iron pills twice a day is me for at least the next 4-weeks.


Purchasing Baby Products
Wow, there really is a big market of capsules, prams, bassinets, cots etc! After lots of research, reading many reviews and discussions with the pregnancy groups, we decided we would like the Edwards & Co Bassinet, Pram and Capsule. We were fortunate to have support from my older brother to get the Bassinet, and both our parents to get the full Edwards & Co Pram set at the Baby Expo. Looking forward to it all arriving in the New Year!


Choosing a Name
Most of the other pregnant mums I have spoken with have decided to keep their names quiet, and so have we. Often names my partner suggest, I have a child from childcare flash into my head, or a name reminds us of people we know growing up. I also would like a name that has a nice meaning, as I was brought up knowing what my name means. We have a few first names in mind, but have our middle name chosen as it runs in both our families which is pretty neat!


Midwife Appointments
Up to now, I have seen our midwife monthly. I saw her last just before Christmas and require a blood test over the holiday period to check my iron and haemoglobin levels. I enjoy hearing babies heart-beat at these appointments, and finding out more about what’s to be expected next. After holidays, I then go to fortnightly appointments. I have booked in my 32-week scan, which I am super excited for.


My partner has really been fabulous, offering to give me massages when he knows I’m uncomfortable, and helping me more. I am so use to just getting up and getting my own drink but as I have grown so much, especially in the last couple of weeks, it’s really nice to lay down and when you realise you haven’t got your cold water, he happily goes and gets it.

In the beginning of pregnancy I joined a NZ Babies Due Feb-March group and ended up creating an East Auckland group too so that it made it easier for us to meet and stay in touch. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these ladies as well as some have children already so we share many stories.


Getting Ready
I feel as though I am not that ready, I have washed the clothing I have so far, and setup in a chest of draws, but it has been a busy past couple of months and to be honest the past 10 weeks really has just flown by! I am looking forward to getting home after the holidays and really getting organised, and pack the hospital bags just in case he comes early.


I am also wanting to learn more about hypnobirthing, and finish reading my book ‘Dance with me in the Heart’ by Pennie Brownlee about the child/parent relationship.

Exciting times ahead for the New Year!!

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