Summer Pregnancy Survival Suggestions

This year has been an interesting year to say the least, and many would normally be travelling overseas while pregnant for the Summer holidays, or for a last trip before baby arrives. However, due to the circumstances most of us will be staying in New Zealand, and likely travelling around to visit family and friends across the country.

Summer is hot in New Zealand! And it will be even worse while pregnant, as you carry your special little one along with the extra weight. Here are some tips that may help get us through the Summer period;


Take your special pregnancy aids with you

There are many things that we personally like that help us feel more comfortable while at home. This may include a heat pack for aching back pain, ice pack or perhaps a foot spa for swollen tired feet, Epsom salts for the bath to calm and relax the tired body, large pregnancy pillows… the list goes on. It may seem ridiculous taking these things away with you, however you know what will help you the most, and why not be comfortable and enjoy our holidays, rather than leaving these special pregnancy aids at home and then end up with a sore body, not been able to sleep, etc?


Take your note pad, or use your notes on your phone

There are many things that cross our mind… what we need to do before baby arrives, or something new you think of you might want to add to your birth plan. Noting this down when it pops in your mind is ideal, as we know it can easily slip our mind… and leave us wondering what it was.


Driving long distance

When driving long distance, it is recommended to take short breaks every 60-90 minutes, so that you can get out of the car and stretch those legs. Ensure you are comfortable with pillows and sneak in naps to help the trip go faster.

Fatigue and dizziness are common during pregnancy so it's important to stay hydrated with cold drinks and have snacks, such as fruits and nuts. Keep the air circulating in the car too. I have heard that sparkling water can be useful to help nausea too, which maybe a good idea to carry some.

Wearing your seatbelt is of course a requirement. You may worry that a seatbelt will hurt the baby or you may find it uncomfortable. However, a seatbelt that is worn properly, with it under the baby bump, not across it, does not put much pressure on your abdomen or unborn baby.


Treat yourself

Although we usually enjoy a few alcoholic drinks, or few too many, over the festive season, just because we are pregnant, doesn’t mean we can’t have nice drinks. How about make some nice mocktails, or have you tried the 0% wine and beer? I also quite like the Deep Spring Soft Drinks at Countdown, they are lower in sugar and very refreshing.


Beach or pool time

I haven’t yet, but super keen to dig a hole in the sand to lay on my tummy! Don’t forget the sunblock though, I have already got a bit too much sun in a short beach visit last week. Keeping cool in the ocean or swimming pool (or paddling pool!) can also help relieve body pain! 


Happy Holidays Mumma's, stay safe and enjoy (as much as you can) being pregnant this summer!

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