My Story… I can finally announce I am Pregnant!

Good things do happen to those who are patient…. And require some science. 

I’m sharing my story to provide support to others who maybe in a similar position, not to compare or make out how good or bad our experience was.

As mentioned in my Step Mother Blog, I have always wanted to have my own baby. With this always in the back of my mind, I realised, during a previous long-term relationship that there was no future and made the move to find a more compatible partner – someone that did want to settle down and have a family together.  I was very fortunate to have a very good friend that supported me and empowered me to get my confidence back. I knew he really liked me, but I did overlook this for a few reasons. After some time, I realised I was in love with him, and knew he was the one, and I could not be without him. I did wonder if my hopes and dreams of becoming a mother to my own child would be dashed, as he had two young children of his own, and had a vasectomy. Rule # 1 when entering into a serious relationship… Communication. We discussed our future and our plans together and having a baby high on my priority list, I was over joyed to hear, my love, promised having a baby together one day, would be on the cards.

After some years, involving getting engaged, building our relationship and developing our house and before starting Gift Tree, we discussed the plan to conceive. On April 2019, my partner was booked in for the first step… A vasectomy reversal.  We tried naturally for a while, until very unexpected news came, on Christmas Eve – The reversal had not worked. I was upset and disappointed and just emotionally distressed, but my partner being the positive and supporting man that he is, reminded me, there were other options out there and we should contact a fertility specialist. This was no easy decision, given we had started a business and I had plans to leave my job once the Christmas holidays were over, so how were we going to afford to support ourselves. I had known a few friends who had been through the IVF process and decided to contact them for some advice. We were informed of Fertility Associates and with that advice, we booked in an appointment and discussed our situation with Doctor Phil McChesney. He explained, that even though my partner had had a reversal, the ‘pipes’ were still blocked, and the sperm were struggling to get through. He discussed the best plan for us and went through all the pros & cons, leaving us with no doubt, we would need the full optioned IVF and ICSI process to have a better chance of getting pregnant. Prepping ourselves for the start, next minute! COVID-19. While in Lockdown Level 4, our plans now thwarted again, leaving me an emotional wreck (why me? Everything we try is met with another problem, am I not meant to have a child? Will it ever happen?), queue my partner again, positive and supportive, telling me that old saying “Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy” and with discussions about the ever changing and unknown times ahead, we were going to move forward once the lockdown was completed.

It took some time to get my head around the fact, I had to go through this whole process of self-administered injections, egg collections, tests etc, even though I was producing eggs fine. I’m not going to lie, I felt lost, scared and was anxious of the full IVF process. I was still worried about our financial situation because we were un-eligible for the infertility funding, given our circumstances, but my partner was there every step of the way motivating and empowering me and I even enjoyed a fertility massage, Bonus! It was so relaxing and help support my body for the affects I was about to put it through. I suggest any new wannabe mum to try it regardless of IVF or not – Amazing.

A few days later, I was able to collect my medication - a cute personalised bag with all the medication and information. On the day I was to have my first IVF injection of Gonal-F at 8pm, I was on edge, clearly anxious of the full process starting. The time approached us, and we laid out all the medications and read through the instructions again and again. I wanted to be strong and overcome my fears and worries. I inserted the needle into my tummy and afterwards, relaxed snuggled up with my man with my heated wheat bag, Magnum Ice-cream and watched Netflix. I was relieved, the first injection did not hurt as much as I was expecting. This continued for 10 consecutive days until it was egg collection time.

A few days before my egg collection was booked however, I had to do a second injection each evening on the other side. This one was not so pleasant; it was a thicker needle and it stung. Resting with a heated wheat bag and watching Netflix series each evening, snuggled up with my man, was a must. I had two scans to check progress of the eggs developing… and it was very exciting to see how many and how big they were. However, my tummy looked and felt bloated, I was feeling tired and still at times anxious of the whole process to come.

Egg collection day came, and we headed to Fertility Associates in the morning. I wasn’t allowed to eat, and after a discussion with the nurse, got changed and prepared. I shed tears as I cuddled my man, anxious and scared of what was about to happen. We went into theatre and he held my hand through the full process. I woke up, and before long the pain started kicking in and I was starting to get painful cramps, I was given Codine and a naursea pill. Eventually had a nibble on some toast and have a hot drink. The rest of the day was spent relaxed on the sofa watching Netflix with Mum. We now had to wait to find out the results, which came through the following day. I had 18 eggs collected!

Five Days later was the embryo transplant. Over this time, I was having progesterone suppositories three times a day to prepare the lining of the uterus so it can receive a fertilized egg. The high hormones was causing very sore back pain - especially overnight. Once again the heat pack was used every night, along with Rapid Recovery rubbed in back and belly to help relax.
My partner was unable to come to the embryo transplant, so my mum excitedly jumped at the opportunity of holding her daughters hand through the process. My mum has also been super supportive and positive through the whole process, providing me with extra support. We were also finally going to find out how many embryo’s we have! The specialist came in and said we have one and that will be transplanted today. We were both almost in tears with the thought of this one not working. He went and checked with nurse and she came in to explain, we actually had 4 embryo’s! The other 3 will be frozen. We were so relieved to hear this, and that the best A++ Embryo will be the first try. This embryo transplant was very simple and easy. We now have to wait 9 days to find out our results. To be honest, I was not anxious, and I just took each day as it came.

The day came to do the blood test and we went to the labs early and then had breakfast at our local, crossing our fingers and toes.  
A message came through midday that the results were in! My partner collected the results from Fertility Associates directly. We decided to do it this way, so that we could find out the news together, rather than me getting the news and likely to be alone.

After my partner finished work, Mum came over with a bunch of Daffodils. My partner opened the envelope and began reading….the look on his face and his low tone gave mum and I that eerie feeling and we started to cry. … But as all partners can be just as supportive and empowering, they can also be just as naughty, mine was no different, he was kidding with us…. and as he read what was actually written… “Congratulations! Your pregnancy blood test today is positive... your BHCG level is 100….” I didn’t know whether to believe him or not now, and I had to read it again. Mum and I burst into tears even more and my man hugged us… we were all so overwhelmed. I consider myself very lucky... that the first embryo transplant worked. We enjoyed a lovely family meal together – all with big smiles.
This is a start to our new journey, me as a first time Mum.

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