My New Mum Experience

Well its happened….my boy has arrived into the world and I have finally managed to find some time, to let you all know about my experiences.  I’ll skip the gorey details and save you those shocking images in your head.

It all started on Monday 9th March at 39 weeks and 6 days, with a stretch & sweep to get things moving, as I was being told I will need to be induced due to having an “IVF baby”. Fortunately, the S&S must have helped get the ball rolling, as the following morning I had a slight ache and heaviness. By midday, contractions were starting... The contractions were between 6 and 11 minutes apart lasting for around 45 seconds. These were continuous… all night long. I was managing the pain reasonably well with using the Teins Machine on my lower back and getting lower back massages with Rapid Recovery. On Wednesday morning at 5am, my partner was ready to call the midwife as the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I was so worn out, but bang, all of a sudden, they stopped and spaced out again. Oh boy...

I was booked for another S&S on Thursday afternoon; However, my midwife was not available. Fortunately, the back-up midwife was at Auckland Hospital with a lady from our Antenatal group and was happy to check me out if we meet her there. We jumped in the car, bags already packed, and arrived at 3pm. After a quick examination, we were super pleased to hear I was already 6cm dilated! I was now staying... thank goodness! It had been 55 hours of contractions and no sleep... I was feeling exhausted and was quite frankly over it!

I was really looking forward to a water birth, so was disappointed to find out there were no baths available at Auckland Hospital. However, we were well aware that your birth plan may not go the way you want it, so this is where I started to adapt to the situation. I was relieved to be at the hospital though and our boy was on his way, any moment now and he would be in my arms!

Before long, the midwife checked me again and my waters broke, pushing me back to 4cm dilated. Our boy was posterior, but thankfully turned when the waters broke! The midwife thought we had quite some time up our sleeves now. Contractions were still regular and were getting more intense now. I requested an epidural as I didn’t believe I would cope with anymore pain. Within the 25 minutes of waiting for the anaesthetist to get setup, I sat up and just about to put the epidural in, I had the biggest strongest contraction. “Umm, hold on, I better check,” said the midwife. Well guess what!? I was now over 9cm dilated! Oh yeah… so now, no epidural... I had to do this! I had gas up till now.. but now it was all go! My contractions were no longer 45 seconds… they were 15-20 seconds! I was only lucky enough to get one push in each time. I was so eager to get him out… leg up on my man and other on midwife for every push. We had a goal of 7pm… but didn’t quite happen and needed a bit of help, and our gorgeous little man Oscar William was born at 7.30pm, weighing 3.77kg.

Another strange part of my birthing experience... the umbilical cord was very short! The shortest our midwife had ever seen! Dad cut the cord and then bubs came up on my chest… I was so overwhelmed. Words still can’t be expressed how blessed and proud I was to hold our precious boy in my arms! Six weeks later, and I hold our baby boy and still can’t believe how lucky we are. Oscar latched onto the breast for the first time, and seemed to be sucking pretty well, such a special moment – special between Mum and Bubs.

While Oscar was getting all his tests done, my mum arrived to meet her first grandchild, who she has been knitting for over the past few years! My mum just looked so proud and so in love!! 

Before long, Dad and Nana were getting all packed up to move us down to Parnell Birth Care, and the nurse and I were chatting… to very interestingly find out that her daughter was my best friend during primary! It was very special to share this experience with someone, both my Mum and I knew.

Arriving at Birth Care around 11pm, we got all settled in and snuggled Oscar into his new Dreamswaddle and into the cot with a Merino blanket. Birth Care was really lovely with many very helpful midwifes and nurses. I did find it difficult when Dad had to leave each day. He had his two older children for the weekend also, so he had to manage his time between us all. On the Saturday morning, he brought the children in to meet their baby brother. He had organised presents (from Oscar) to give to them, and they went shopping prior together to get a gift for Oscar. This helped break the ice and make it a special occasion.

By Saturday night, the third evening, I was ready to head home… sharing a room and being away from Dad, along with a newborn was proving to be a bit too much. Unfortunately, overnight Oscar was not latching on the right breast, and it was starting to stress me out, not to mention I was sleep deprived. Sunday morning my favourite midwife came on duty and supported the latch, and arranged discharge. Dad and siblings arrived and packed up the car ready for us to head home. Oscar was dressed up in a special handknitted cardigan, beanie and booties from Nana and was watched closely by his siblings all the way home.

It was very nice to be home… Oscar was relaxed, and I wound down with a really good long hot shower.

Oscar is everything I have dreamt of, a gorgeous happy healthy baby. I feel very lucky that he is, and I feel blessed to finally have him here in my arms.