Letter To My Baby Boy

It is expected to be around five weeks until I get to hold you in my arms. Even after 35 weeks of having you grow in my tummy, with it all still feeling surreal. I have waited so long to have you… my very own. After caring for many other gorgeous young children in my years as an early childhood teacher, it has made this more special for me knowing you will be here so soon. It has not been an easy process to get this far, but I do feel as though we are lucky to have got this far too. Deep down, I do still worry, but I try my best to stay positive and know you are growing well on the inside. Three weeks ago, we had a growth scan. You were right on 50th percentile.

I still have so much to do before you arrive. Dad has now re-painted a changing table that we had got very early on, and it looks fabulous! But this week I need to make sure the hospital bags are packed; the capsule is fitted in the car and I will organise the new pram and capsule to be setup too.

There are many things I want to get done around home before you arrive. With the concrete downstairs now being painted, I am trying my best to just keep up with the usual housework and gardening. I am starting to find many other things that won’t be done before you arrive, and I will have to accept that. I am accepting that both our well-being is more important than being overstressed doing things that really do not matter and focusing on my list of things to help make the business run smoothly and have things setup best for us for when you arrive.

I think to myself at times, wondering what I am looking forward to the most… I simply believe it is just to hold you in my arms with dad hugging us both, to feel that sense of achievement and awe that I have finally given birth to you. Your dad and I made you with so much love, our son, our pride and joy.

Over the past week you have been even more active… especially in the night. You are facing head down which is fabulous, and we feel and see your bottom push out the front of my tummy often. It’s very neat when
Dad also sees you move very quickly and see how far out you push, and he very sweetly tells you to be
kind to mumma.
Surprisingly, I haven’t had any food cravings with you, but with Summer here and lots of delicious fresh fruit, especially nectarines, I have been enjoying eating. In the last couple of weeks, I am eating smaller meals, to the point I am even getting a children’s size meals when I am out, safe of course. I have been trying my best to keep active throughout the full pregnancy, although some days have been harder than others especially with still managing low hemoglobin and iron levels.

I hope every day that you and I have a good birth experience, keeping a very open mind that it may not go to plan. At the end of the day, I just wish for you to be healthy and not come into this world with any difficulties. But if you do, I forever promise that I will face the challenges and ensure you have the best possible life and no matter what, your dad and I will always love you.
I think to myself at times and I wonder what sort of Mum I will be and what sort of parents we will be to you... but, with the help of your older stepbrother and sister, you will find yourself welcomed into safe, fair and very loving family unit no matter what. I hope that we will be good role models and for you to learn to be independent and follow your dreams, knowing your parents will always be behind you every step of the way.

I love you with my entire heart my son, and although I still can’t believe you will be in my arms very soon, I can’t wait to proudly say I am your Mum. I look forward to holding you in my arms, admiring all your beautiful features, with your dad, my loving fiancé holding us both. Also, let’s not forget your nana, she is so over the moon to meet you, being her very first official grandson. Nana has been sooo very busy, knitting many gorgeous quality knits to ensure you will always be warm and snuggly.

We are all so very excited to meet you soon bubba.

Lots of love,

Your Mum xx

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