Bloom Massage

Pip, the owner of Bloom Massage is based in East Auckland. She specialises in Fertility Massage, Endometriosis Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Massage, Relaxation/Deep tissue Massage /Sports Massage all for Women.

I was recommended to visit Pip for a Fertility Massage. You may wonder, 'What is a Fertility Massage?'
"Fertility massage is a specialised massage and bodywork therapy that is designed to help optimize a women's physical well being and enhance their opportunity for conception. This treatment integrates specific massage and bodywork therapies to help your body prepare for conception. The steps throughout the treatment aim to cleanse, align and balance your body while supporting your well-being". 

I must say it was the most pleasant relaxing experience. We sat down and talked for a while first, and as I was feeling unsure about the experience (although she did not know), I felt reassured and a lot more comfortable after this time talking and getting to know each other. We talked about my past, what brought me to her, and of course her history and experience. 

Before long, I was relaxed on her client bed, in this cute little cabin, listening to calming music and smelling beautiful essential oils. We continued to talk during the massage as I kept asking her questions about different things.. I learnt so much about her.  

The Fertility massage was deep, but it was very good!
After the massage, she topped it off with a drink and a delicious homemade chocolate treat! 

Although, I have not been able to continue my fertility journey due to COVID-19, I feel alot more relaxed about the full fertility process, and I will be booking in another massage... as soon as COVID-19 allows! 

I highly recommend Pip, she has the most gently loving personality - perfect for what she does. I recommend you checking out her on Facebook and her website is:

I understand that fertility can be difficult for some, but you don't have to do this on your own. There are awesome people like Pip that can help.

Stay strong, 
Sarsha x

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