Baby Movements and The Importance…

From early on, my midwife advised me that from as early as week 17, I may start to feel little flutters in the tummy and that will be baby moving. As baby grows, baby will start to develop a pattern of movements from around week 24.

At the beginning, feeling my baby boy moving was just so exciting. I remember excitedly saying to bubba’s Dad, “Wow, did you see that!? Did you feel that?” But often Dad could not feel, nor see the movements, I’m guessing because, I feel and see the movement more as he is in my belly. It felt like he was missing out a bit. I was 22 weeks and 4 days, laying on the bed, and Dad rested his head on the side of my belly. “Wow, he just kicked me twice in the head!” This was super funny but cute at the same time!

As I keep rather active and don’t generally sit for long, unless working on the computer, I found him moving more in the evenings, especially when I laid on my left side.

Sometimes I feel like he feels my feelings and would cheer me up or want to interact with me. There had been times that I’d cross my arms, resting on top of my belly, feeling a bit frustrated over something. Not long after, bubba boy would kick my arms a few times. This quickly changed my attitude, and I would talk to him, “Haha.. Okay bubs, mum will get over it and get on with it.” 

As he got bigger and stronger, I found he would move more during the day, when I am finally sitting, working on the computer or, after dinner with feet up resting and when I lay on my side in bed. Sometime if I wake up during the night and it is like he knows I am awake and tries to interact with me... so super sweet, then again this could also be the reason I wake up at night… hmmmm.

From around 32 weeks he has been, head down and bum up and as he pushes his little tooshie out, I cannot help but give him a gentle little tap. I find it is a very special time when it is just me and him and he pushes his hand or feet out to the side of my belly. I poke back, and it feels we are connecting as we go back and forth for a while, like a game. I am fascinated and treasure these special little moments.   

It is very important to know the patterns and timing of your babies’ movements. At times we can get so busy and perhaps forget if we have felt baby move. This is when it is time for you to take a break, put your feet up and talk or play some music to baby and check for movements.

If you don’t feel baby moving like normal, don’t hesitate to contact your midwife and let them know. Your midwife will want to know what your normal pattern is, and when you last felt your baby move. They may want to see you, and honestly don’t feel like you are bothering your midwife with uncertainties, your best to get checked sooner rather than later. They may simply just check babies heart rate, and if needed send you for an ultrasound. If baby becomes unwell, one of the first things they will do is reserve their energy, which means they will move less… so please don’t hesitate and contact your midwife.